How Many Bank Accounts Should You Have?

Bank accounts are very important in managing and maintaining your money.  When we maintain our money in different accounts, we can work with different interest rates as well as keep specific funds separate so they don’t mid or mess with their intended use.  For those looking to get different accounts, local banks such as Columbia Bank South Plainfield or one in your area offer great options.  To get started look at the following different types of accounts to see what best suits your needs.

Standard Savings

A standard savings account is an account that you use to put money away that you don’t touch.  In these accounts you typically can start them with a small amount of money and the more that you put into it the more you will gain in interest.

Checking Account

A checking account is the most typical account people will open.  When we open a checking account, we can move money around with a paper check or with a debit card.  These accounts are the most common that people will have. 

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Bills account

What you will want to do is have an account that you can use specifically for bills.  This account will be setup for automatic draft of your power, water, cable and other bills that you have each month.  When you setup your account like this, you don’t have to worry about having enough money to pay your bills.  What you do is you open the account with a minimum of one thousand dollars in it.  Then each month you will simply take your paycheck and deposit your bills money into that account after the money has been withdrawn.  This way, you keep a standard balance of one thousand dollars in that account.

Fun account

All work, and no play is no fun.  You want to create a fun account for yourself.  How this works is each week or month you will put so much money away into that account.  Then at the end of the year you will have a nice hefty sum that you can go into and have the fun you saved for all year long.

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